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TeamSpec is a project I've been working on for a long time. It's an innovative first person shooter game where you can create custom classes in a class based shooter. The gimmick is that the weapon selection restrictions when building a loadout require a minimum amount of role points to be allocated into your specific custom class. There are "power points" (increase health), "pick points" (increase movement speed), and "support points" (increase health regeneration). Certain weapons, like a minigun, would have a high power point requirement to equip, but you could mix and match the other two based on your secondary. Each point allocated increases your stats in a specific way. This is the general idea behind the game. More details will be revealed as release gets closer.

I need artists!

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Development Blog

Here you will find links to articles about TeamSpec and it's development process.


For security reasons (since this project involves multipalyer networking) no downloads will be provided at the moment. If you would like to play around with my complex character controller physics engine, it can be found here.