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Last updated: Thursday, October 31, 2019

Please make sure you agree to these rules first.

  1. No spamming - use common sense, I dont want to have to implement a chat delay.
  2. No revealing real identities in public chatrooms
  3. Golden rule - don't be a dick
  4. No Impersonation, user or servers - You cannot copy someone else's name or avatar if they made it themselves
  5. No sending messages through reactions when you're not supposed to be talking on this channel. You can still react though.
  6. Respect/follow the official discord ULA. This includes no distribution of illegal content, no phishing links, and no harassment of any form.

Bonus rule: If in #academics_chat, please be constructive and helpful. We don't want jerks making fun of others and bragging about their Honors classes in a chat made to talk about the serious academics.

Violation of these rules could result in a ban or worse!

If the Discord link doesn't work, it’s either because you got banned, are already in the max 100 servers, or someone who uses your IP address (aka the wifi system you’re using) has gotten banned. Try it again at home or somewhere else. If the problem still persists, send me and email to verify you're not banned, then you can contact discord support.